I'm Jody and I help Women in business get unstuck, skyrocket their confidence and become wildly worthy (and Wealthy) using my 4-step Align to Abundance program.

Discover what's really holding you back. .

Are you struggling with:

Limiting Beliefs

Money Blocks

Imposter Syndrome


Lack of self-belief


Fear of Rejection/Success/Failure


Experiences from your past can hold you back from stepping into the most successful version of you. By healing the root cause of emotional blocks, past trauma and limiting beliefs, you can rapidly transform your life + business.

I can help you heal the past & set yourself free

so you can experience more love, money & freedom.


Busting through wealth blocks

"Working with Jody was transformational! I was wanting to bust through a personal wealth barrier. The changes that happened after my session were shocking in the best possible way.

I made some clear shifts in my business which resulted in significant income increases."

Kristy Rickham- myholisticnurse.com


Making my business a success

"I’m doing wonderfully well, feeling really confident, centred and am taking massive action everyday in making my business a success" - Alexis Nee -Therapist


Abundance blocks disappeared

"I can honestly say that the abundance and self worth blocks I had struggled with have dissolved! I feel lighter, my anxiety has gone, and I'm making more money. I'm finding new paths and opportunities for my business opening up for me where before I only saw obstacles!"

Sara Munz - littleclanwild.com


You'll Shift Mountains

"I tell everyone to go and see Jody. Physical, Emotional, Mental, Relationships, Jody will guide you to shift mountains!!!" Rachel Aklyma -Healer

"Are we running our lives with the conscious mind or are we running our lives with the subconscious programs?

Well, science has revealed that only 5% of the day are we operating our nervous system using the conscious minds creative wishes and desires.

95% of the day our life is coming straight out of the programs in our subconscious"

- Bruce Lipton

It's time to clear the subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

  • Heal anxiety & fear

  • Break free from imposter syndrome, scarcity and lack mindset

  • Skyrocket your confidence

  • End the cycle of self-sabotage

  • Stop hiding your light

  • Attract more ideal clients

  • Upgrade your money mindset

  • Create a business and life that lights you up

E: hello@ jodylee.co

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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